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Fuzhou cross-border rapid development of electric power trade for the first time exceeded 100 million yuan

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Fuzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on the 9th disclosure, the Bureau of 2016 cross-border electronic commerce goods 2372 varieties of times, the record 59 companies; a total of 146 cross-border imports of goods business, the value of 103.95 million yuan (renminbi, ), Issued orders for postal packets 271,176 single, the value of 1.0139 billion yuan.

Following the Fujian Free Trade Area in April 2015 after the listing, Fuzhou cross-border e-commerce bonded import pilot cities, Fuzhou New District has also been approved.

Fujian Free Trade Area Fuzhou Area responsible person that the gradual release of the policy dividend activation of the Fuzhou cross-border electricity industry, from "buy the world" to "sell the world" two-way gallop, cross-border trade volume for the first time exceeded 100 million yuan.