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14/5000 Chinese scientists for the first time to achieve ten photon entanglement

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Pan Jianwei of University of Science and Technology of China and Lu Zhaoyang and Chen Yuao of the University of Science and Technology of China have successfully achieved ten photon entanglement in the world for the first time, breaking the previous record of eight photons kept by the group for a long time, and renewed the photon entangled state Record. This work was published in the journal "Physical Review Letters", an international authoritative journal, and was published by the Physical Society of the American Physical Society and the journal Nature. In this case,

Multi-particle entanglement manipulation has been the focus of the international competition as the core index of quantum information processing basic ability. The increase in the number of manipulated photons is often accompanied by an exponentially enhanced quantum information processing capability, accompanied by a sharper contradiction between quantum mechanics and Einstein's local realism, along with the difficulty of experimentation Continue to challenge. In order to achieve this goal, Pan Jianwei and his colleagues first realized and maintained the world record of multi-photon entangled states, and applied them to quantum communication and quantum computation systematically, and became the international multi-photon entanglement field. Pioneer and leader.