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The world's first quantum scientific experimental satellite "Mozi" launched successfully

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At 16:20 on August 16, 2016, China's Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Long March II Ding launch vehicle successfully the world's first quantum scientific experimental satellite "Mozi" launch. This will enable China in the world for the first time between the satellite and terrestrial quantum communication, the construction of the integration of the world of quantum communication and scientific security experimental system.

Quantum satellite chief scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences Pan Jianwei introduction, the security of quantum communication based on the basic principles of quantum physics, single photon inseparability and quantum state can not be copied to ensure that information can not be eavesdropping and unbreakable, in principle to ensure identity Authentication, transmission encryption and digital signatures, such as unconditional security, can be fundamentally, permanently solve information security issues.

Quantum satellite in December 2011 project, is the Chinese Academy of space science pilot special first scientific experiment satellite. Its main scientific goal is to carry out experiments on quantum-key distribution of high-speed satellite and ground, and to carry out wide-area quantum key network experiment on this basis, with a view to achieve a quantum breakthrough in the practical application of space quantum communication; the second is quantum entanglement Distribution, and quantum teleportation experiments, validating the quantum mechanics theory at the spatial scale.

The ground science application system including Nanshan, Delingha, Xinglong, Lijiang, and the Quantum Satellite Teleportation Experiment Station is also built, and together with the quantum satellite, constitute the integrated system of quantum and scientific experiments.