We Shenzhen Soli Neon sign Co, Ltd belongs to Shenzhen Soli Lighting Limited. Established in 2009, We have in led production business for 11 years. 
We mainly focus on led strip lighting, led neon flex and sign logo etc.  We do customs design for logo with neon flex and led strip.  
       For led strip and led neon flex with shipment quantity for 300K per month, we can guarantee best price with good quality. 
       Each month with shipment for led neon logo and led logo around 50000—100kpcs.  Customer satisfaction is our first concern. 
       With strong design and Research team, we can design the logo within 5 days. With free of charge design. Delivery time 15 days after confirmation the order.
USA, Canada, European and middle east, etc. are our main market.  We can do the neon logo for wedding, party, restaurant, hotel, shopping mall, company logo, etc.    
       We believe Artist logo can make your life better.  Artist logo can make your business image better.  
       We welcome your further inquiry!